DD Form 1671. Reweigh of Personal Property

DD Form 1671. Reweigh of Personal Property

DD Form 1671 - Reweigh of Personal Property serves the purpose of documenting a reweigh of personal property during the transportation process.

The form consists of sections where the reweighing authority records details such as the shipment identification, original weight, reweighed weight, reasons for reweighing, and any discrepancies observed. Additional sections may be included for signatures of involved parties and remarks.

When filling out DD Form 1671, it's important to accurately record the reweighed weight and provide a clear explanation for the reweighing. The form may be filled out by transportation personnel, inspectors, or authorized personnel responsible for overseeing the accuracy of weight measurements.

Application Example: A shipment of military equipment is being transported by a commercial carrier. Upon suspicion of inaccurate weight measurement, a reweigh is conducted using DD Form 1671. This form ensures that the correct weight is documented, which can impact transportation costs and compliance with weight regulations.

No additional documents are typically required for filling out DD Form 1671. An alternative form could be DD Form 619, Weight and Balance Clearance Form, which is used to document the weight and balance data for aircraft.