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Non-Compete Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement form

A Non-Compete Agreement is a document used to protect employers from partners, employees, contractors, and others who have access to their business secrets and practices using this access to leave a company and start their own competing business in the same industry.

Form 1099-R

Form 1099-R

Form 1099-R: Distributions to pension plans, annuities, retirement or profit distribution, IRA, insurance contracts, etc.

Form 8606 Nondeductible IRAs

Form 8606 Nondeductible IRAs

Tax form 8606 is becoming increasingly important due to the popularity of the Roth IRA and the right to roll over after-tax assets from qualified plans offered by employers, such as a 401 (k) or 403 (b).

Texas Limited Power of Attorney for Eligible Motor Vehicle Transactions VTR-271

 Limited Power of Attorney for Eligible Motor Vehicle Transactions

All sections of Limited Power of Attorney for Eligible Motor Vehicle Transactions form (VTR-271) must be filled in correctly in order for this document to be accepted. Original signatures only black or blue ink is required, and no changes are allowed in this form.

IRS 3911 Form

Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund 3911 Form

Form 3911 is a taxpayer's request for a refund - Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund. This is a form that the IRS sends to a taxpayer who contacted the IRS because they did not receive a refund.

Application for a Social Security Card

Application for a Social Security Card

This application using to apply for an original social security card, apply for a replacement social security card, change or correct information on your social security number record

Power of attorney letter

Power of attorney letter

The legislation of many states in a world has different statement about power of letter of attorney. It allows the rights to deal with money, property, health and etc. of other person as with yours.

How to write a termination letter

Be determined! State exactly what you mean in your termination letter. Don’t mince your words and speak directly. Do not waste the time of a person who is being discharged by writing big references for him before you get down to business.

Letter of Appointment

The letter of appointment is a written proposal to the specified position in the organization. After the candidate has passed all the necessary interviews and prescreening, they will be issued letters of appointment, if they chose to work with.

Fire insurance policy

Fire insurance policy usually covers fire due to any cause, subject to some exceptions which too may be covered with additional premium. These policies may be extended further to include collateral damages or losses such as loss of income.