DD Form 2216. Hearing Conservation Data

DD Form 2216. Hearing Conservation Data

DD Form 2216 - Hearing Conservation Data is utilized to maintain records related to the hearing conservation program within the Department of Defense. This form helps track audiometric testing and other relevant data for individuals exposed to hazardous noise levels.

The form consists of sections for personal identification, such as name and social security number, followed by audiometric test results, including both baseline and subsequent tests. It also includes fields for detailing the use of hearing protection devices.

Instructions for filling out DD Form 2216 involve accurately entering audiometric data, ensuring consistent units of measurement for thresholds, and documenting any hearing protection used. Proper identification and data entry are crucial for accurate tracking of individuals' hearing health.

Application Example: A military unit requires regular audiometric testing for its members to monitor their hearing health due to ongoing exposure to noise from weapons and machinery. DD Form 2216 is used to maintain comprehensive records of these tests and any protective measures taken.

No additional documents are typically required for completing DD Form 2216. This form is essential for maintaining comprehensive hearing conservation records. There are no direct alternatives for this specific purpose within the Department of Defense.