Resignation Letter

Touching Resignation Letter

Touching Resignation Letter example

A touching resignation letter is a letter submitted by an employee to their employer to inform them of their decision to resign from their job. The term "touching" in this context refers to a letter that is emotionally impactful or moving. In other words, a touching resignation letter is one that expresses gratitude, appreciation, and respect towards the employer, co-workers, and the company as a whole.

Immediate Resignation Letter

Immediate Resignation Letter sample

An immediate resignation letter is a formal document used to inform an employer of an employee's intention to resign from their position without providing the standard notice period. This type of resignation is typically used when an employee needs to resign due to an urgent or unforeseen circumstance, such as a family emergency, a serious health issue, or a personal crisis.

Resignation Letters

A resignation letter is a formal letter that an employee writes to their employer informing them that they are leaving their job. It is a professional way of notifying the employer of the employee's intention to resign and provides an opportunity for the employee to express their gratitude for the job and offer any assistance during the transition period.

A resignation letter typically includes the following information: