Form BMV 4826. Application for Disability Placards

Form BMV 4826. Application for Disability Placards. NOTE: This form is used by individuals WITHOUT military service-connected disabilities

Form BMV 4826 is the Application for Disability Placards used by the Ohio BMV. The main purpose of this form is to allow individuals with disabilities, excluding military service-connected disabilities, to apply for disability placards for their vehicles.

The form typically consists of sections where the applicant provides their personal information, including their name, address, and contact details. Additionally, the form requires information about the type of disability placard being requested, such as a temporary or permanent placard.

The key fields in this form are the applicant's information and the specifics of the disability placard type being requested. These details are crucial for processing the application and determining the eligibility of the applicant for the requested placard.

When filling out the form, the applicant should ensure that all their information is accurately stated, and they provide clear instructions about the type of disability placard they need. Any required medical certification or documentation should be included with the application.

An example scenario for using Form BMV 4826 would be when an individual with a temporary disability, such as a broken leg, wants to apply for a temporary disability placard to park in designated accessible parking spaces. The individual would complete this form, providing their information and indicating that they are applying for a temporary disability placard. They would then submit the application to the BMV for review and issuance of the placard.

No additional documents are generally required to complete this form if the applicant provides all the necessary information and meets the eligibility criteria for the requested disability placard. However, the BMV may request additional documentation or clarification if needed.

Related forms or alternatives may include similar applications for disability placards used in other states or separate forms for different types of disability placards, such as temporary, permanent, or wheelchair-accessible placards.