OCFS-LDSS-7029-5. Immunization Record Review in Legally-Exempt Child Care Program

OCFS-LDSS-7029-5. Immunization Record Review in Legally-Exempt Child Care Program

Form OCFS-LDSS-7029-5, "Immunization Record Review in Legally-Exempt Child Care Program," serves as a documentation tool for reviewing the immunization records of children in legally-exempt child care programs. This form is essential to ensure that children attending such programs are up-to-date with their required vaccinations, contributing to a healthy and safe environment.

The form consists of sections outlining the details of the immunization records review, observations made, compliance status, and any necessary corrective actions. It may also include sections for signatures, dates, and additional comments to provide a comprehensive verification record.

Important fields in this form include information about the child care program, details of the immunization record review, observations from the review, compliance status, and signatures of involved parties. Accurate completion of these fields is vital to ensure accurate verification of children's immunization records and any necessary follow-up steps.

Application Example: An inspector reviews the immunization records of children attending a legally-exempt child care program to ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date. The inspector uses this form to document their observations, assess compliance with immunization requirements, and note any corrective actions needed. The child care program receives the verification report and takes appropriate measures to address any identified concerns.

Related form: Form OCFS-LDSS-7029-6, "Site Verification of Staff Records for Legally-Exempt Group Child Care Program," is related as it pertains to verifying staff records. The distinction is in the focus: OCFS-LDSS-7029-5 focuses on immunization records, while OCFS-LDSS-7029-6 focuses on staff records.