NYS DMV Form MV-901B. Garageperson's Affirmation and Bill of Sale

NYS DMV Form MV-901B. Garageperson's Affirmation and Bill of Sale

Form MV-901B is a sworn statement used by garagepersons in the state of New York to affirm the sale of a vehicle and seek compensation for unpaid repairs, towing services, or storage charges. This form serves as an official document that validates the garageperson's claim and outlines the details of the sale.

When completing Form MV-901B, the garageperson will provide their information, including their name, address, and contact details. They will also include information about the vehicle being sold, such as the VIN, make, model, and any other relevant details. Additionally, the form will specify the amount owed by the vehicle owner for the repairs, towing, or storage services provided by the garageperson.

It's crucial for the garageperson to accurately complete all required fields on Form MV-901B and ensure that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge. This form acts as evidence of the sale and the garageperson's claim for compensation.

Application Example: Garagepersons in New York who have sold a vehicle to recover costs for unpaid repairs, towing, or storage charges MV-901B to document the sale and seek compensation. By completing this form accurately and providing necessary supporting documentation, garagepersons can establish a legal basis for their claim and potentially recover the unpaid amounts owed to them.

Related Forms: Form MV-901B is typically used in conjunction with other forms, documents, and procedures required to foreclose on a garageperson's lien. This may include forms such as MV-901A (Notice of Lien and Sale) and additional supporting documents depending on the specific requirements and regulations outlined by the state of New York.