DD Form 2266. Hometown News Release Information

DD Form 2266. Hometown News Release Information

DD Form 2266 - Hometown News Release Information serves as a means for Department of Defense personnel to provide information about their achievements and accomplishments to hometown news media.

The form consists of sections for entering the individual's personal information, details of the achievement, and contact information for the individual and their Public Affairs Office (PAO). It also includes a release statement indicating the individual's consent to share the information with the media.

Instructions for filling out DD Form 2266 involve accurately entering the individual's details and providing a clear description of the accomplishment. The release statement must be understood and signed by the individual. Accuracy and clarity are essential to ensure that the news release is both accurate and compliant with the individual's wishes.

Application Example: A military service member is recognized for their exceptional performance in a training exercise. DD Form 2266 is used to provide the necessary information to hometown news media, helping to highlight the service member's achievement.

No additional documents are typically required for completing DD Form 2266. There are no direct alternatives within the Department of Defense for this specific purpose of sharing achievements with hometown news media.