DD Form 1351-6. Multiple Payments List

DD Form 1351-6. Multiple Payments List

DD Form 1351-6, the Multiple Payments List, is used within the Department of Defense to document and track multiple payments issued to a single individual or vendor.

The form consists of sections where information about the payee, payment details, and reason for multiple payments is recorded. It includes fields for the payment amounts, dates, and appropriate authorizations.

Important fields in this form include accurate payee information, detailed payment breakdown, and proper authorization signatures. Accurate completion ensures that multiple payments are properly documented and accounted for.

Application Example: A vendor has provided several services to a military installation over the course of a month, resulting in multiple payments. The financial office uses DD Form 1351-6 to list each payment, its amount, and the reason for the payment. This form serves as a consolidated record of the vendor's transactions.

No additional documents are typically required for DD Form 1351-6. While other payment-related forms might exist, this form specifically addresses the need to document multiple payments to a single individual or entity.