DD Form 1547. Record of Weighted Guidelines Application

DD Form 1547. Record of Weighted Guidelines Application

DD Form 1547 is a Record of Weighted Guidelines Application form used by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to evaluate and document the selection process for government contracts. The main purpose of this form is to ensure that the evaluation process is fair, transparent, and consistent across all contract applicants.

The form consists of several parts, including general information about the contract, the weighted guidelines application, and the evaluation summary. Important fields on the form include the contract number, description, and value, as well as the evaluation factors, weights, and scores. Parties involved in the form include the contracting officer, the source selection authority, and the contract applicants.

When filling out the form, it's important to provide accurate and detailed information about the contract and the evaluation process. This may include documentation such as proposals, technical reports, and cost estimates. Attachments may be required depending on the specific requirements of the contract.

Examples of applications for this form include government procurement contracts for goods and services, construction projects, and research and development initiatives. By using this form, the DoD aims to ensure that the best contractor is selected based on objective criteria.

Strengths of this form include its emphasis on fairness and transparency in the selection process. Weaknesses may include the potential for subjective interpretation of the evaluation factors and biases in the weighting system.

Alternative forms or analogues to DD Form 1547 may include other evaluation forms used by government agencies or private companies. The difference lies in the specific evaluation criteria and weighting systems used.

Submitting the form typically involves providing it to the appropriate personnel within the DoD, and it may be stored electronically or in hard copy format for future reference.

Overall, the use of DD Form 1547 plays an important role in ensuring fairness and objectivity in the government contract selection process, benefiting both the contractors and the DoD.