Mass RMV - Application for Lottery Plate Re-assignment

Mass RMV - Application for Lottery Plate Re-assignment

Form Application for Lottery Plate Re-assignment is used to transfer your Lottery plate to an immediate family member.

This form is used when a vehicle owner who has a special "Lottery" license plate wants to transfer ownership of the vehicle, along with the special plate, to an immediate family member (such as a spouse or child).

For instance, if a person who owns a vehicle with a Lottery plate decides to give the vehicle to their child as a gift and wants to transfer the special plate as well, they would use this form for the plate re-assignment.

Form Structure

This form involves the vehicle owner and the immediate family member. It typically includes sections for providing the current owner's information, details about the recipient (family member), and any relevant information about the vehicle and the special Lottery plate.

How to Fill Out and submit the Form

The current owner needs to complete the form by accurately providing information about themselves, the recipient, and the vehicle with the Lottery plate. Both parties may need to sign the form, and any required documentation should be included.

When submitting the form, it's crucial to ensure the accuracy of the provided information and to follow the necessary steps for transferring ownership of the vehicle and the special plate. The RMV will review the application and, upon approval, process the plate re-assignment.

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