DA Form 5830-R. Pol Credit Card/Av Fuel Identaplate Control Log (LRA)

DA Form 5830-R. Pol Credit Card/Av Fuel Identaplate Control Log (LRA)

DA Form 5830-R is the Pol Credit Card/Av Fuel Identaplate Control Log, primarily used within Land Rehabilitation and Development (LRD) projects of the Department of the Army. The form serves as a control log for managing fuel credit cards and aviation fuel identaplates.

The form consists of sections where details about fuel credit cards, aviation fuel identaplates, and their issuance are recorded. It requires the signature of authorized personnel responsible for managing fuel resources. The form may also include sections for recording fuel transactions and usage.

Important fields in this form encompass card/identaplate details, issuance records, and authorized signatures. Accurate completion of the form is vital for maintaining accountability and control over fuel resources and preventing unauthorized use.

Application Example: A military unit issues fuel credit cards to designated personnel for refueling vehicles. The unit's fuel officer uses DA Form 5830-R to document the issuance of cards, record transactions, and monitor fuel consumption.

No additional documents are typically needed when completing this form.

Related Form: DA Form 2408-12 - Receipt for Aviation Fuel and Oil. This form is used to record the receipt and consumption of aviation fuel and oil.