NYS DMV Form MV-82B. Boat Registration/Title Application

NYS DMV Form MV-82B. Boat Registration/Title Application

Form MV-82B, the Boat Registration/Title Application, is used in New York State (NYS) for the purpose of registering a boat. The form enables individuals to initiate the registration and titling process for their boats.

The form consists of several sections where applicants need to provide essential information such as the owner's details, boat specifications (including make, model, hull identification number), and other related details. Additionally, it may include sections for indicating any liens or encumbrances on the boat.

Important fields on the form include the applicant's personal information, accurate boat details, and signatures where required. It is crucial to provide all necessary information accurately to ensure a valid and successful registration process.

This form is primarily used by boat owners who intend to register their boats with the NYS DMV. It is essential for compliance with state regulations and provides proof of ownership. Examples of application scenarios include purchasing a new boat, transferring boat ownership, or updating registration information.

Related forms that are similar or complementary to MV-82B include the "Application for Duplicate Title" (MV-902) if a duplicate boat title is needed, and the "Boat Registration Renewal Application" (MV-900R) for renewing boat registration.