Form DTS 5. Vehicle Insurance Certification - Va Driver Training School - Virginia

Form DTS 5. Vehicle Insurance Certification - Va Driver Training School - Virginia

Form DTS 5 - Vehicle Insurance Certification - Va Driver Training School is used by driver training schools in Virginia to certify that motor vehicles used for behind-the-wheel instruction have the minimum required insurance coverage. This form ensures that students receive instruction in properly insured vehicles.

The parties involved in this form are driver training schools, students, insurance companies, and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The form consists of sections where the school must provide their business information and details of the insurance coverage for the vehicles used in instruction.

Important fields in this form include the business information of the driver training school, policy details of the insurance coverage, and the minimum required amount of insurance as specified by the DMV. Schools must ensure that the insurance meets the state's minimum requirements for liability coverage.

For example, a driver training school uses multiple vehicles for behind-the-wheel instruction. The school completes Form DTS 5, providing information on the insurance policies covering each vehicle used for instruction. This certification assures the DMV and students that the school's vehicles have the required insurance coverage for instructional purposes.

Related forms or alternatives to this form may include the Instructions for Student In-car Instruction Record (Form DTS 14), which is used to document the minimum period of daily instruction and performance assessments during in-car instruction. While Form DTS 5 deals with vehicle insurance certification, Form DTS 14 focuses on documenting in-car instruction records.