DA Form 137-2. Installation Clearance Record

DA Form 137-2. Installation Clearance Record

The DA Form 137-2, also known as the Installation Clearance Record, serves as a comprehensive document utilized for clearance procedures within military installations. This form plays a critical role in ensuring smooth transitions and personnel movements by documenting important information.

The Installation Clearance Record consists of various sections that capture essential details. When filling out this form, certain key fields need to be completed accurately. These include personal information such as name, rank, social security number, and contact details of the individual requiring clearance.

This form involves multiple parties, including the individual seeking clearance, their unit or command, and the installation's clearance office. It is crucial to consider that the accuracy and completeness of the information provided are essential to expedite the clearance process.

To complete the form, various data will be required, such as the purpose of the request, departure and arrival dates, transportation arrangements, and destination information. Additionally, supporting documents should be attached, such as orders for movement, travel itineraries, and any other pertinent paperwork specified by the installation's regulations.

Application examples and use cases of the Installation Clearance Record involve scenarios like military deployments, permanent change of station (PCS), temporary duty assignments (TDY), and leave requests. It ensures that individuals are properly accounted for and enables the installation to manage resources effectively.

While there may be alternative forms or analogues related to clearance processes, the DA Form 137-2 is specifically designed for installation clearances within the military. Alternative forms might vary depending on the branch of service or specific installation requirements. However, it is important to adhere to the prescribed form designated by the respective military authority.

Once completed, the form is typically submitted to the installation's clearance office or personnel office for processing. The relevant authorities review the information provided, verify the attached documentation, and grant the necessary clearance. The form may be stored electronically or in physical records according to the installation's recordkeeping practices and retention policies.

In summary, the DA Form 137-2, Installation Clearance Record, is a crucial tool for managing and documenting clearance procedures within military installations. By accurately completing this form and attaching the required documents, individuals can facilitate their movement while ensuring compliance with military regulations and protocols.