CA DMV Form DL 921. Notice of Non-Compliance Ignition Interlock

CA DMV Form DL 921. Notice of Non-Compliance Ignition Interlock

Form DL 921, also known as the "Notice of Non-Compliance Ignition Interlock," is a document issued by the California DMV to notify individuals who have been granted an ignition interlock device (IID) restriction that they have failed to comply with the IID requirements.

The purpose of this form is to inform the recipient that there has been a violation or non-compliance related to their use of the IID. It serves as an official notice from the DMV and provides details regarding the specific violation or violations detected.

When received, the form will indicate the date and time of the violation, along with information about the nature of the offense, such as attempting to start the vehicle without providing a breath sample, tampering with the device, or failing to submit periodic rolling retests. The form will also provide instructions on how to respond to the violation, including any required actions, such as attending a hearing or submitting additional documentation.

It is important for the recipient of the DL 921 form to carefully review the information provided and take appropriate action as outlined in the notice. Failure to address the violation within the specified timeframe can result in further penalties, such as extended IID restrictions or suspension of driving privileges.

There are no direct alternatives or analogues to the DL 921 form within California's DMV system. However, other states may have similar forms for notifying individuals about non-compliance with IID requirements.