DD Form 1747. Status of Housing Availability

DD Form 1747. Status of Housing Availability

DD Form 1747 - Status of Housing Availability is used to report the current availability status of housing units within the Department of Defense.

The form consists of sections where housing officials provide details about the types of housing available, occupancy rates, waiting lists, and any special considerations. The form may also include sections for housing category codes, signatures, and dates.

When completing DD Form 1747, it's important to accurately report the availability status of housing units based on categories such as single-family, multi-family, or dormitory. The form assists in managing housing allocations and ensuring fair and efficient housing assignments.

Application Example: A housing office at a military base needs to assess the availability of housing for incoming service members and their families. By using DD Form 1747, they report the occupancy rates and waiting lists for different types of housing units, facilitating informed decision-making.

No additional documents are typically required for filling out DD Form 1747. An alternative form could be AF Form 4428, Family Housing Survey, used to gather information about housing preferences and requirements.