Form VSA 71. Change of Record, Application for - Virginia

Form VSA 71. Change of Record, Application for - Virginia

Form VSA 71 - Change of Record, Application for is used to change information on an existing vehicle record in Virginia. The parties involved in this form are vehicle owners and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

The form consists of sections where vehicle owners request specific changes to their vehicle's record, such as updating ownership information, correcting errors, or making changes to vehicle specifications.

Important fields in this form vary depending on the requested changes. Commonly important fields include the vehicle's identification details, the desired changes, and supporting documentation if necessary. Accurate information and clear instructions are essential for the DMV to process the changes correctly.

An example scenario is when a vehicle owner moves to a new address and needs to update their registration information. By using Form VSA 71, they can request the change, ensuring that their vehicle's record reflects their updated address for official communications and notifications.

Additional documents needed for filling this form may include proof of the requested changes, such as ownership transfer documents or updated vehicle specifications. An analogous form could be Form VSA 17A, used to change the address on a vehicle record, which serves a similar purpose but applies to address changes specifically.