Form P142M - Medical form (Connecticut)

Form P142M - Medical form (Connecticut)

The P142M form used by the State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is a Medical Examination Report. The main purpose of the form is to ensure that individuals applying for or renewing certain types of driver's licenses are medically fit to operate a motor vehicle safely.

The form consists of several parts, including sections for recording personal information, medical history, and physical examination results. Notable fields include information about vision, hearing, blood pressure, and medication use. It is important to accurately and truthfully fill out all sections of the form to ensure that the DMV has all necessary information to determine an individual's eligibility to hold a driver's license.

The parties involved in filling out the P142M form are typically the applicant, their healthcare provider, and the Department of Motor Vehicles. When filling out the form, data such as the applicant's name, date of birth, and medical history will be required. Additionally, the healthcare provider may need to attach supporting documentation, such as lab test results or specialist reports.

An example of when this form would be needed is when an individual is applying for a commercial driver's license or renewing their license after a certain age. The completed form helps to ensure that drivers on the road are physically fit to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Strengths of the P142M form include its ability to help identify potential health issues that could impact an individual's ability to drive safely. Weaknesses may include potential inaccuracies or falsification of information if the form is not filled out truthfully. Opportunities for improvement could include streamlining the approval process for applicants with certain medical conditions.

Alternative forms to the P142M include state-specific medical examination reports or general medical clearance forms. However, these forms may not be as specific to the needs of the Department of Motor Vehicles as the P142M.

Filling out and submitting the P142M form can have significant implications for the future of the applicant's driving privileges. The accurate and complete information provided on the form can help ensure that only medically fit individuals are allowed to operate a motor vehicle on public roads.

The P142M form is typically submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles as part of an application for or renewal of a driver's license. The form is stored in the individual's confidential DMV records.