Form VTR-904. License Plate Transfer Form - Texas

Form VTR-904. License Plate Transfer Form - Texas

The Form VTR-904 is a transfer form used in Texas to facilitate the transfer of license plates between vehicles. This form allows individuals or businesses to transfer their license plate from one vehicle to another owned by the same party.

This form typically consists of sections where important information needs to be provided. These sections may include details about the current owner, vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle with the existing license plate, make, model, year, and other relevant vehicle information. The form also includes sections for providing details about the new vehicle receiving the transferred license plate.

When completing this form, it is crucial to provide accurate information regarding both the current and new vehicles. Any mistakes or omissions may lead to complications during the plate transfer process. It is also important to remove the license plate from the previous vehicle before transferring it to the new vehicle.

In addition to the completed application form, certain supporting documentation must be attached. This may include proof of ownership or authorization for both vehicles, such as vehicle titles or registration certificates, as well as any other documents requested by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to validate the transfer.

An example use case for Form VTR-904 would be when an individual purchases a new vehicle and wants to transfer the license plate from their old vehicle to the new one. By completing this form, they can initiate the transfer process and ensure that their existing license plate is valid for use on the new vehicle.

A related alternative form is Form VTR-64, which is used for transferring license plates between vehicles. While both forms serve a similar purpose, Form VTR-904 specifically focuses on transferring license plates between vehicles owned by the same party. In contrast, Form VTR-64 can be used to transfer license plates between different parties as well.