Form DTS 34B. Instructor License Application for Passenger Vehicle - Virginia

Form DTS 34B. Instructor License Application for Passenger Vehicle - Virginia

Form DTS 34B - Instructor License Application for Passenger Vehicle is a form used to apply for a driver training instructor license specifically for providing instruction for passenger vehicles in Virginia.

The parties involved in this form are the individuals seeking an instructor license and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), responsible for reviewing and approving applications for instructor licenses for passenger vehicle training.

The form would likely include sections where the applicant provides their personal information, qualifications, certifications, and prior teaching experience. The DMV will assess whether the applicant meets the necessary criteria to become a licensed passenger vehicle instructor.

Important fields in this form may include the applicant's contact information, driving credentials, any endorsements for passenger vehicle operation, and documentation of previous teaching experience.

An example scenario for using Form DTS 34B would be an experienced driver with a passion for teaching who wants to become an instructor for passenger vehicle training. By completing this form and meeting the DMV's requirements, the individual can obtain a passenger vehicle instructor license and share their knowledge and expertise with new drivers.

Additional documents needed for this application may include a current driver's license, proof of relevant work experience, and any additional certifications required for passenger vehicle instruction.

As for related forms, alternative versions may exist for different types of instructor licenses, such as Form DTS 34A for an instructor license focused on commercial vehicle training. Each form would cater to the specific type of vehicle the instructor is authorized to provide training for.