SF 52. Request for Personnel Action

SF 52. Request for Personnel Action

The SF-52 form is used by federal civilian agencies to request personnel actions and document the details of the actions. The form consists of different parts, including the employee's personal information, the nature of the action being requested, the effective date of the action, the position, Pay Plan and Grade, and the cost center where the employee will be working.

The SF-52 form is used whenever there is a need to document personnel changes such as promotions, demotions, transfers, reassignments, resignations, retirements, and other personnel actions. The parties involved in the form are the employee, the human resources department of the agency, and the approving official.

When preparing the SF-52 form, the accuracy and completeness of all information provided is crucial. It is important to consider the proper completion of fields such as employee identification, reason for the action, and processing codes. The advantages of the form are that it allows the agency to process personnel actions efficiently and reduces errors.

However, there can be problems with filling out the form when errors are made, and corrections need to be made. Related forms include the SF-50 Notification of Personnel Action and the SF-2801 Application for Immediate Retirement. These forms differ from the SF-52 in that they are used to document specific personnel actions.

Once completed, the SF-52 should be submitted to the human resources department or the appointed official at the employee's agency for review and approval. The final form and any related documents will be stored in a personnel file for future reference.