Form LIC 195. Notice Of Operation In Violation Of Law - California

Form LIC 195. Notice Of Operation In Violation Of Law - California

Form LIC 195 is a notice form used in California to inform a facility or organization operating in violation of applicable laws, regulations, or licensing requirements. Its main purpose is to officially notify the entity of the violations and outline the corrective actions required to rectify the non-compliance.

The form consists of sections where the licensing agency specifies the violations and provides details about the necessary corrective actions. It may include information regarding specific regulations or standards that have been violated and the timeframe within which the corrections should be made.

Important fields on this form include accurately documenting the violations, specifying the required corrective actions, and setting clear deadlines for compliance. It is crucial for the facility or organization to promptly address the violations and implement the necessary changes to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Application Example: When a licensed facility in California is found to be operating in violation of laws or regulations, the licensing agency may issue Form LIC 195 as an official notice. By carefully reviewing the notice and taking the required corrective actions within the specified timeframe, the facility can demonstrate its commitment to compliance.

Related Forms: Form LIC 809, the Notice of Site Visit Findings, is a related form used during the inspection process. Form LIC 195 specifically addresses violations and outlines the necessary corrective actions, while Form LIC 809 provides a broader assessment of site visit findings.