DD Form 1821. Contractor Crewmember Flight Summary

DD Form 1821. Contractor Crewmember Flight Summary

DD Form 1821 - Contractor Crewmember Flight Summary is used to document flight information for contractor crewmembers involved in Department of Defense flight operations.

The form consists of sections where flight information is recorded, including flight date, aircraft type, departure and arrival points, crewmember names, and flight hours. Additional sections may include mission details, aircraft registration, and signatures.

When completing DD Form 1821, it's important to accurately record the flight details and crewmember information. The form is crucial for tracking flight hours, maintaining crewmember records, and ensuring compliance with aviation regulations.

Application Example: Contractor crewmembers are participating in a reconnaissance flight mission. By using DD Form 1821, flight operators record the flight details, crewmember assignments, and flight duration, contributing to accurate record-keeping and billing.

No additional documents are typically required for filling out DD Form 1821. An alternative form could be FAA Form 7233-1, International Flight Plan, used for civilian aircraft flight plans.