Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial lease agreement is required if you want to rent commercial real estate, such as an office, store, warehouse etc., to others, it is necessary to have the lease agreement in writing. It is important to remember that a business lease is not like a dwelling rental. You need the right form that helps you answer all of the important questions, such as: who is responsible for repairs, what the landlord can charge, and what happens when the rent is late.

This Commercial Lease Agreement is an up-to-date, legally accurate and easy-to-use form that's specifically tailored for commercial lease transactions. Because you can edit and use this form as often as you like, you get the ultimate flexibility to meet your unique business circumstances.

Among others, this form includes the following key provisions:

  • Lease Term: States when the lease begins, and ends and the length of the lease
  • Annual Rent: Identifies the total rent for the year
  • Security Deposit: States the amount to be paid as a security deposit
  • Taxes: Describes who will be responsible for which tax payments
  • Construction and Completion: Outlines the procedure for any construction on the premises
  • Obligations for Repairs: Sets forth the repair obligations of the tenant

In a commercial lease agreement, one party, known as the lessor, agrees to lease a part of his or her building to another party, known as the lessee, so that the latter can use the said property for some commercial purposes.  Since the subject matter of the commercial lease agreement concerns a building for commercial purposes, the lessee cannot allocate the leased property for a residential purpose or for any industrial use.