DA Form 5750. Inadvertent Disclosure Oath

DA Form 5750. Inadvertent Disclosure Oath

DA Form 5750 is the Inadvertent Disclosure Oath. It serves as a formal acknowledgment by individuals who have accessed classified or sensitive information that they will not intentionally disclose such information without proper authorization.

The form consists of sections where individuals enter their personal information, the nature of their access to sensitive information, and their commitment to not disclosing it. It includes a statement of understanding and compliance with security protocols.

Important fields in this form include personal identification details, the description of the accessed information, and the individual's commitment to maintaining confidentiality. Accurate completion of the form is crucial to ensuring the security of classified materials and preventing unauthorized disclosures.

Application Example: An intelligence officer with access to classified documents is required to sign DA Form 5750 to confirm their understanding of the security protocols. By signing the form, the officer acknowledges their responsibility to protect sensitive information from inadvertent disclosure.

No additional documents are typically required to complete this form.

Related Form: DA Form 759-2 - Temporary Issue Receipt. This form is used to document the temporary issuance of classified or sensitive items.