Form DSD 6. Application for Factory/Distributor Plates - Virginia

Form DSD 6. Application for Factory/Distributor Plates - Virginia

Form DSD 6 - Application for Factory/Distributor Plates is utilized by automotive manufacturers to apply for Factory/Distributor Plates in Virginia. These plates are used for transporting or testing vehicles owned by the manufacturer, distributor, or dealer.

The parties involved in this form are automotive manufacturers and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The form consists of sections where the manufacturer must provide their business information, including their name, address, and contact details. Additionally, the form requires vehicle-specific information, such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, and year, for each vehicle that requires Factory/Distributor Plates.

Important fields in this form include the manufacturer's business information, vehicle details, and the type of plates required (Factory Plates or Distributor Plates). The form may also include specific instructions for correctly completing the application and ensuring all necessary information is provided accurately.

For example, an automotive manufacturer based in Virginia produces a new model and needs to transport the vehicle for testing and promotional purposes. The manufacturer completes Form DSD 6, providing the necessary vehicle information and indicating whether they need Factory Plates or Distributor Plates. Once approved, the manufacturer receives the appropriate plates, enabling them to transport the vehicles legally.

Related forms or alternatives to this form may include the Dealer Application for 30-Day Temporary/5-Day Transport Plates (Form DSD 4), which is used by motor vehicle dealers to request temporary plates for transporting vehicles. While both forms involve vehicle transport, Form DSD 6 is specifically for manufacturers, while Form DSD 4 is for dealers who need temporary plates for different purposes in the motor vehicle industry.