Mass RMV - Alternative Residency Affidavit

Mass RMV - Alternative Residency Affidavit

Form Alternative Residency Affidavit is intended for individuals under the age of 18 who need to prove Massachusetts residency.

This form is designed for minors who lack traditional residency documents but need to establish their Massachusetts residency for various purposes, such as applying for a driver's license or learner's permit.

For example, a minor who recently moved to Massachusetts and wants to apply for a learner's permit but doesn't have the standard residency documents like utility bills, can use this form.

Form Structure

This form involves the minor applicant and their parent or guardian. It typically includes sections for the minor's personal information, the parent or guardian's information, and a declaration of residency. The parent or guardian must sign to verify the information.

How to Fill Out and submit the Form

The minor and their parent or guardian would need to complete the form together. They would provide the necessary details and explain the circumstances that prevent them from presenting standard residency documents. The form may require additional supporting documents, such as school records or medical records.

While filling out the form, it's crucial to ensure the accuracy of the information provided and to include any relevant supporting documents. The parent or guardian's signature is a vital part of the validation process.

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