DA Form 4504. Record of Fire

DA Form 4504. Record of Fire

Form DA 4504 is a record form used to document fires in military operations. This form serves as a detailed record of fire incidents, including important information about the location, date, time, cause, and actions taken to control or extinguish the fire.

The form consists of sections where the reporting personnel can provide specific details about the fire incident, such as the type of fire (structural, vehicle, vegetation), the extent of damage, equipment used, and any injuries or casualties resulting from the fire. It may also include sections for witness statements, investigation findings, and recommendations for future fire prevention measures.

Important fields in this form include the precise location of the fire, accurate timestamps, a thorough description of the incident, and comprehensive documentation of the response and mitigation efforts. It is crucial to fill out all required information accurately and promptly to ensure an accurate record of the fire incident.

Application Example: Military personnel involved in fire response and management can use this form to document fire incidents during military operations. The form should be completed with detailed and accurate information about the fire, including its cause, impact, and response actions. This form is essential for maintaining a comprehensive record of fire incidents and improving fire safety protocols in future operations.

Related Forms: There may not be direct alternatives to Form DA 4504, as it specifically addresses the recording of fire incidents in military operations. However, other forms related to safety reports, incident documentation, or risk assessments may exist, depending on the specific context or purpose.