DA Form 3889-1. Nursing Unit 24-Hour Report - Continuation Sheet

DA Form 3889-1. Nursing Unit 24-Hour Report - Continuation Sheet

The DA Form 3889-1, known as the Nursing Unit 24-Hour Report - Continuation Sheet, is used as an extension of the DA Form 3889 to provide additional space for documenting information about the activities, events, and patient-related details within a nursing unit over a 24-hour period.

The form consists of sections that mirror the sections on the DA Form 3889, including patient census, admissions, discharges, transfers, significant events, and staffing information. It provides additional fields to continue documenting the necessary information.

When filling out the DA Form 3889-1, it is important to ensure consistency with the information provided on the DA Form 3889. The continuation sheet should be used when there is insufficient space on the main form to capture all the required details.

The patient census section allows for recording additional patients in the unit, including their names, room numbers, and any relevant information.

The admissions, discharges, and transfers sections provide space to document any additional patient movements within the unit during the specified 24-hour period.

The significant events section allows for capturing any additional notable occurrences or incidents that took place within the nursing unit.

The staffing information section provides fields to record additional details about the nursing staff on duty, ensuring accurate documentation of their names, roles, and any pertinent notes or instructions.

An example application of the DA Form 3889-1 would be in a busy nursing unit where a single page of the DA Form 3889 is not sufficient to capture all the necessary information. By using this continuation sheet, nursing staff can ensure comprehensive documentation of patient-related details, activities, and events within the unit over a 24-hour period. The form serves as a tool for effective communication, shift handover, and continuity of care within the nursing unit.