CT DMV Form F82. Application for one year or two year refund on registration

CT DMV Form F82. Application for one year or two year refund on registration

Form F82 - Application for One Year or Two Year Refund on Registration serves as an application for individuals who have canceled their vehicle registration and are eligible for a refund of registration fees.

Consider a scenario where an individual sells their vehicle and cancels the registration before the registration period expires. By submitting Form F82, they can apply for a refund of the remaining registration fees. The benefit of using this form is that it allows individuals to receive a refund for unused portions of their vehicle registration.

Form Structure

This form involves the individual requesting a refund of registration fees as the primary party and the Connecticut DMV as the secondary party. It's structured with sections for personal information, vehicle details, reason for cancellation, and a certification section.

How to Fill Out and Submit the Form

The applicant needs to provide accurate personal information, specify the vehicle details, describe the reason for cancellation, and sign the form to request the refund. The completed form is submitted to the Connecticut DMV for processing.

While completing the form, remember to provide accurate information about the cancellation and the reason for the refund. The DMV may require documentation showing the cancellation and the eligibility for a refund. An alternative form might be a refund request form, but Form F82 is specifically designed for registration fee refunds.