DA Form 2873-R. License of Invention (LRA)

DA Form 2873-R. License of Invention (LRA)

DA Form 2873-R is a form used to document the licensing of an invention within the U.S. Army. This form is typically used in the context of Limited Rights Data and Software License Agreements (LRAs) to establish the terms and conditions under which the invention will be licensed.

The form consists of sections where the licensor and licensee can provide their personal information, details about the invention, and the terms of the license agreement. It may also include sections to specify any limitations, restrictions, or royalties associated with the license.

Important fields in this form include accurately providing the licensor's and licensee's personal information, a clear description of the invention, and the terms and conditions of the license agreement. It is crucial to ensure that all parties involved understand and agree to the terms outlined in the form.

Application Example: Individuals within the U.S. Army who wish to license their invention use DA Form 2873-R to document the licensing agreement. This form helps establish the rights and obligations of both the licensor and licensee within the framework of LRAs.

Related Forms: Depending on the specific circumstances and requirements, additional forms or agreements related to intellectual property rights and licensing may be necessary in conjunction with DA Form 2873-R.