DA Form 2408-19-2. T700 Series Turbine Engine Analysis Check Record

DA Form 2408-19-2. T700 Series Turbine Engine Analysis Check Record

The DA Form 2408-19-2 is designed for the T700 series turbine engine and serves as a comprehensive record for tracking and analyzing various checks performed on this specific type of engine. It allows for the documentation of engine performance, maintenance activities, and inspections.

The form consists of multiple sections that capture important information related to the T700 series turbine engine. These sections include:

- Data: This section records the basic details of the engine, such as the model, serial number, and NSN.

- Engine Operating Time: This section tracks the engine's operating time, including the total hours and cycles accumulated.

- Maintenance and Inspection Records: This section provides space to document the dates and results of various maintenance and inspection activities performed on the engine. It includes fields for recording the type of maintenance or inspection, the name of the person performing it, and any remarks or findings.

- Engine Performance Data: This section captures data related to the engine's performance, such as temperature readings, pressure measurements, and fuel consumption.

- Disposition and Remarks: This section allows for recording any additional remarks or notes regarding the engine's disposition, such as disposal or transfer.

When filling out the DA Form 2408-19-2, it is important to accurately record all relevant information to ensure a comprehensive analysis of the T700 series turbine engine's performance and maintenance history. This form is typically used by aviation units, maintenance personnel, and organizations responsible for managing these specific types of engines.

An example application of this form would be during routine inspections or scheduled maintenance of T700 series turbine engines. By using the DA Form 2408-19-2, maintenance personnel can document the engine's performance data, identify any issues or trends, and make informed decisions regarding maintenance actions or component replacements. The form also serves as a valuable tool for tracking the overall health and reliability of the T700 series turbine engine fleet.