DA Form 2408-13-3. Aircraft Technical Inspection Worksheet

DA Form 2408-13-3. Aircraft Technical Inspection Worksheet

The DA Form 2408-13-3 is used as a worksheet during technical inspections of aircraft. It provides a structured format for recording inspection findings, discrepancies, and corrective actions required to ensure the airworthiness of the aircraft.

The form consists of the following sections:

-: This section captures essential information about the aircraft, such as its serial number, registration number, and unit identification code.

- Inspection Findings: This section provides space to record the findings of the technical inspection. It includes fields to document discrepancies or deficiencies identified during the inspection process.

- Corrective Actions: This section is dedicated to recording the corrective actions required to address the identified discrepancies. It includes fields for describing the necessary repairs, modifications, or adjustments needed to ensure compliance with safety and airworthiness standards.

- Remarks: This section allows for additional comments or observations related to the inspection or any other relevant information.

The DA Form 2408-13-3 is an important tool for maintaining the airworthiness of aircraft. It helps ensure that inspections are conducted thoroughly and consistently, and that any discrepancies or deficiencies are promptly addressed. The form is typically filled out by qualified inspectors or maintenance personnel responsible for conducting technical inspections.

An example application of this form would be during routine or scheduled inspections of military aircraft.