DA Form 2088-1-R. Report of Tire Retreading-Command Summary (LRA)

DA Form 2088-1-R. Report of Tire Retreading-Command Summary (LRA)

The DA Form 2088-1-R, Report of Tire Retreading-Command Summary (LRA), is used to report and summarize the retreading of tires within the Army. This form is specifically designed for use by the Logistics Readiness Activity (LRA) to track and manage tire retreading operations.

The form consists of several sections, including information about the unit or activity submitting the report, a summary of retreaded tires, and certification by the responsible officer. It also includes fields to capture details such as the type of tire retreading performed, the number of tires retreaded, and any additional remarks or comments.

When filling out the form, it is important to accurately record the details of the tire retreading operations, including the quantity and types of tires retreaded, the quality of the work performed, and any issues or concerns that may arise during the process. The form requires the signature of the responsible officer or authorized representative certifying the accuracy of the information provided.

This form is crucial for monitoring and managing tire retreading activities within the Army. It allows LRAs to maintain records of the work performed, track the usage and condition of retreaded tires, and ensure compliance with safety and quality standards. The information captured on the form can be used for various purposes, including maintenance planning, resource allocation, and performance evaluation.

An example of an application for this form would be an LRA responsible for managing the tire retreading operations for a military base. The form would be used to document the number and types of tires retreaded, assess the quality of the retreading work, and identify any trends or issues that require attention.

There are no direct alternatives or analogues to DA Form 2088-1-R within the Department of the Army. However, similar forms may exist in other branches of the military or in civilian organizations involved in tire retreading or maintenance.