CA DMV Form REG 6004. Statement of Multiple County Use of Vehicle

CA DMV Form REG 6004. Statement of Multiple County Use of Vehicle

Form REG 6004 is used by drivers in California who reside in more than one county for a period of more than 30 days or use their vehicle in a county other than their county of legal residence for business purposes. This form documents the multiple county use of a vehicle to comply with state regulations.

The form consists of sections where the driver can provide their personal information, vehicle details, and specific information about their multiple county use. It may include fields for the driver's name, address, driver's license number, vehicle identification number (VIN), counties of residence and use, duration of use in each county, and reason for requiring multiple county use.

When filling out this form, it is important to accurately provide all the required information to ensure compliance with state regulations. Providing false or misleading information may have legal implications.

Application Example: Drivers in California who meet the criteria for multiple county use of a vehicle can use this form to document and comply with the regulatory requirements. They should fill out the form completely and truthfully, providing all the necessary information related to their multiple county use.

Related Forms: There may not be direct alternatives to Form REG 6004 as it specifically addresses the statement of multiple county use of a vehicle. However, depending on the specific circumstances or purposes, drivers may need to complete other forms related to vehicle registration, such as address change forms, business-use declaration forms, or other relevant documents required by the California DMV.