Application letter

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Application letter is a very important component of communication with potential employers. It is the first document they read about you and, as you probably know, first impressions are vital when forming opinions. In the past, application letters were used just as a covering page for the rest of the documents and may have been very brief and uninformative about the candidate.

Types of application letter

  • Speculative letters are sent as part of a speculative application, together with a CV.
  • Covering letters accompany an application form or CV for an advertised job vacancy.
  •  A letter of application is sometimes sent, rather than an application form or CV, in which case the letter should include the information you would put in a CV but presented in sentences and paragraphs.

An application letter is the best opportunity to show that you are clever and energetic, exactly the person that a company wants to hire. That’s why it is very important that you prepare well before you have your job interview. So you can show your best side and get the internship of your dreams.