Eviction Notice

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Eviction notice is a notice notifying tenant to evict from landlord property. An eviction notice form must be delivered in person to the tenant in question, sent by registered post or via another person who is of legal age staying in the rented property to hand it over to the main tenant. The eviction notice must mandatory contain the following:

  • Tenant name
  • Rental property description and location
  • Reasons for the eviction
  • Time given for tenant to take action
  • Landlord's signature with date

A Eviction notice should inform the tenant of the conditions which have been violated and the amount of time he has to leave property. In the case of missed rent payments, this amount of time can be a 7 days or less. Depending on state laws, other violations such as property damage or abandonment may take longer to correct, so the eviction notice may specify 30 days or 60 days before further action is taken. An eviction notice is not necessarily a legally enforceable document, however, so it can't be used to physically remove an unwanted or non-compliant tenant.