Form VSA 57. Non-Repairable Certificate, Application for - Virginia

Form VSA 57. Non-Repairable Certificate, Application for - Virginia

Form VSA 57 - Non-Repairable Certificate, Application for is used by customers and insurance companies in Virginia. Customers can apply for a no-fee non-repairable certificate, while insurance companies can apply for no-fee certificates for non-repairable stolen vehicles or late model vehicles with significant damage. The form involves vehicle owners, insurance companies, and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

The form consists of sections for customers and insurance companies to provide information about the non-repairable vehicle, the reason for its non-repairable status, and any relevant details about its value and history.

Important fields in this form include vehicle identification details, a description of why the vehicle is non-repairable, and any insurance company contact information. Customers and insurance companies must accurately describe the vehicle's condition and history for the DMV's records.

An example scenario is an insurance company that is dealing with a stolen vehicle that has been recovered but is deemed non-repairable due to extensive damage. By using Form VSA 57, the insurance company can apply for a non-repairable certificate, which helps them settle the claim appropriately.

Additional documents needed for filling this form may include police reports, repair estimates, or documentation supporting the vehicle's value prior to the damage. Related forms could include Form VSA 56, which is used to apply for a salvage certificate for repairable vehicles with significant damage.