Form LE 007. Curbstone Report - Virginia

Form LE 007. Curbstone Report - Virginia

Form LE 007. Curbstone Report is used to report suspected instances of illegal car sales by unlicensed individuals or businesses, a practice known as "curbstoning." The main purpose of this form is to enable citizens to report unauthorized vehicle sales to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for investigation.

The parties involved in this form are the individuals or witnesses who observe suspected curbstoning activities and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The form consists of sections where the reporting party provides details about the illegal car sale, the location, and any supporting evidence or information.

Important fields in this form include the details of the illegal car sale, such as the vehicle information, the location of the sale, and any information about the seller involved in the curbstoning. The form may also include a section for the reporting party to provide their contact information, though anonymous reporting is typically allowed.

An example scenario where this form would be used is when a person notices unauthorized car sales being conducted by unlicensed individuals or businesses in their neighborhood. By using this form, they can report the suspicious activity to the DMV, which can investigate and take appropriate action to prevent illegal car sales.

When completing this form, the reporting party should provide as much detailed information as possible to assist the DMV in their investigation. Any supporting evidence, such as photographs or vehicle descriptions, may be helpful in identifying and stopping curbstoning activities.

No specific additional documents are mentioned for this form. Related forms could include other reporting forms for different types of illegal activities or violations related to motor vehicles. An alternative could be reporting the suspected curbstoning activity to local law enforcement or city authorities.