NYS DMV Form MV-908. Salvage Vehicle Waiver

NYS DMV Form MV-908. Salvage Vehicle Waiver

Form MV-908 is a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) form used by insurance companies to declare that a theft recovery vehicle meets the criteria defined in Section 430 of the New York Vehicle & Traffic Law for a salvage vehicle waiver. This form replaces the previously used insurance company affidavits that were prepared and submitted on company letterhead.

The purpose of Form MV-908 is to provide an official declaration from an insurance company, confirming that a vehicle qualifies as a salvage vehicle based on the specific requirements outlined in the law. The form ensures consistency and standardization in the process of obtaining a salvage vehicle waiver.

The form consists of sections where the insurance company provides necessary information about the vehicle, such as its identification number, make, model, and other relevant details. It also includes a section where the insurance representative can sign and date the form to authenticate the declaration.

When filling out Form MV-908, it is important for the insurance company to accurately complete all required fields and provide supporting documentation as requested by the DMV. Attention should be given to ensuring that the vehicle meets the salvage criteria as defined by the applicable laws and regulations.

Application Example: An insurance company in New York State would use Form MV-908 when they need to declare that a recovered stolen vehicle qualifies for a salvage vehicle waiver. By completing and submitting this form to the DMV, the insurance company attests that the vehicle meets the necessary requirements. This form enables insurance companies to comply with legal obligations and streamline the salvage vehicle waiver process.

Related Forms: There may not be direct alternatives to Form MV-908, as it specifically addresses the declaration of a theft recovery vehicle for a salvage vehicle waiver in New York State. However, other forms related to salvage titles or vehicle recovery may exist, depending on the specific circumstances or requirements.