DD Form 1640. Request for Plant Clearance

DD Form 1640. Request for Plant Clearance

DD Form 1640, titled "Request for Plant Clearance," is utilized within the Department of Defense to request plant clearance actions. Plant clearance involves the removal of government property from a contractor's facility after the completion or termination of a contract.

The form consists of sections where information about the requested plant clearance is recorded. This includes details about the contractor, contract number, property items, and the request's purpose. The form may also include sections for outlining the planned clearance process.

When completing DD Form 1640, accuracy in providing information about the contractor, contract details, and the purpose of the plant clearance request is important. Key fields include contractor's name, contract number, property description, and request purpose. Proper completion ensures that the plant clearance process is initiated accurately.

Application Example: In a scenario where a DoD contractor completes a contract and needs to clear government property from their facility, DD Form 1640 would be used to request the necessary clearance actions. Accurate completion of the form ensures that the government property is properly cleared and accounted for.

Related Documents: Depending on the plant clearance process and specific property items, additional documentation such as clearance instructions, disposal records, and communications with contracting officers may be necessary. Similar civilian documents could involve corporate requests for clearance of assets.