NYS DMV Form MV-415. Request for the Development of Custom Plates

NYS DMV Form MV-415. Request for the Development of Custom Plates

Form MV-415 is used in New York State to request the development of custom license plates. It serves as an information package and request form for individuals who wish to personalize their vehicle's license plates with a specific combination of letters, numbers, or symbols.

The form includes sections where the applicant can provide personal information such as their name, address, and contact details. There is also a section dedicated to specifying the desired personalized plate combination, subject to availability and compliance with DMV guidelines and regulations.

When completing this form, it is important to consider the guidelines and restrictions set by the DMV regarding custom license plates. Offensive or inappropriate combinations will not be approved, and the DMV reserves the right to reject any request that does not comply with their regulations.

Application Example: An individual who wants to add a personal touch to their vehicle's license plate may use this form to request the development of custom plates. They can choose a combination of letters and numbers that hold personal significance or reflect their interests or hobbies.

Related Forms: There are no directly related forms, as this form specifically deals with the request for custom plates. However, individuals may also need to submit other necessary documentation, such as vehicle registration and proof of insurance, along with this form.