Mass RMV - EVR Paperwork Separation

Mass RMV - EVR Paperwork Separation

Form EVR Paperwork Separation serves as a manual for RMV Business Support (Help Desk), EVR Client Support, and individual EVR Participants to obtain instructions for correcting errors made at EVR locations that use EVR Phase 2 functionality.

This manual is important for ensuring that errors made during the EVR process can be corrected efficiently and accurately to maintain the integrity of EVR transactions.

Form Structure

This manual involves RMV Business Support, EVR Client Support, individual EVR Participants, and the Massachusetts RMV. The manual provides instructions and guidelines for separating and correcting EVR paperwork errors, such as transactions involving vehicle registration and titling.

How to Fill Out and Submit the Form

This manual is not a traditional form that requires completion. Instead, it serves as a reference document with instructions on how to handle errors and corrections within the EVR Phase 2 functionality.

An analogous reference could be the "EVR Error Correction User Guide," which may provide similar instructions for correcting errors within the EVR system.