Mass RMV - CDL Application

Mass RMV - CDL Application

Form CDL Application serves as an application for various transactions related to commercial learner's permits (CLP) and commercial driver's licenses (CDL) in Massachusetts. This form is used to apply for, renew, replace, convert from out of state, or reinstate a CLP or CDL.

This form is important for individuals who need to obtain, renew, replace, or change their commercial driver's licenses or learner's permits for the purpose of operating commercial vehicles.

Form Structure

This form involves the individual applying for the CDL or CLP and the Massachusetts RMV. The form typically includes sections for personal information, details about the type of application (new, renewal, replacement, etc.), medical certifications, endorsements, and a declaration of accuracy.

How to Fill Out and Submit the Form

Filling out this form requires providing personal details, specifying the type of application, endorsing any required endorsements (e.g., hazardous materials), providing medical certifications, and signing the declaration of accuracy. The completed form can be submitted online or in person at an RMV service center. Depending on the type of application, additional documentation might be required.

Related forms include the "Application for Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Self-Certification" form, which is used to self-certify the type of commercial driving being performed. The CDL Application, however, deals with broader CDL and CLP transactions.