Mass RMV - Application for Owner/Contractor Registration

Mass RMV - Application for Owner/Contractor Registration

Form Application for Owner/Contractor Registration is used to apply for an Owner/Contractor registration/plate.

This form is intended for individuals or businesses that operate vehicles as owners or contractors and require a special registration and plate for their vehicles.

For example, a construction company that owns and operates a fleet of vehicles for contracting purposes and wants to register these vehicles under a specific Owner/Contractor registration would use this form to apply for the registration and plate.

Form Structure

This form involves the individual or business applying for the Owner/Contractor registration and the RMV. It typically includes sections for providing the applicant's personal or business information, details about the vehicles, and any necessary information to establish the registration.

How to Fill Out and submit the Form

The applicant needs to complete the form by accurately providing information about themselves, their business (if applicable), and details about the vehicles to be registered. They may also need to submit supporting documentation, such as vehicle details and business information.

When submitting the form, it's important to ensure the accuracy of the provided information and to include any required documentation. The RMV will review the application and, upon approval, issue the Owner/Contractor registration and plate.

Related Form: RMV-1 Form - Application for Title and Registration. This is a standard form used to apply for title and registration for vehicles in Massachusetts. The Application for Owner/Contractor Registration is specialized for vehicles used by owners or contractors.