Form VSD 190. Title Application for Vehicle Transaction - Illinois

Form VSD 190. Title Application for Vehicle Transaction(s)

The VSD 190 Form, denoted as the "Application for Vehicle Transaction(s)," is a formal document crafted by the Illinois Secretary of State to cater to individuals seeking various vehicular transactions. The scope of feasible transactions encompasses, yet is not confined to, the following categories:

  1. Title Transactions
  2. Title and Registration Transactions
  3. Title Transfer Transactions

This application mandates completion by individuals domiciled within the state of Illinois and by those who have procured vehicles from out-of-state dealers with the intention of bringing them into the jurisdiction of Illinois.

Procurement of the VSD 190 Form

The VSD 190 Form can be conveniently accessed via online channels and can be duly accomplished through the Electronic Registration and Title (ERT) System. Additionally, prospective applicants have the option to acquire the form in person by visiting local offices of the Illinois Secretary of State.

Guidelines for Completing the VSD 190 Form

The process of completing the Illinois Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) is exclusively facilitated through the ERT System. This electronic system empowers applicants to furnish requisite details and subsequently generate a printable version of the application. For a seamless transaction process, the applicant is advised to adhere to the subsequent steps:

  1. Comprehensive Form Completion: The applicant must diligently provide specific information, including details of the owner, vehicle particulars, insurance particulars, and any relevant lienholder information if applicable.

  2. Requisite Documentation Compilation: The documentation necessitated hinges upon the nature of the transaction sought by the applicant and the data furnished within the online application. These documents serve as corroborative evidence validating the accuracy of the furnished information. Examples of such documents encompass affidavits, affirmations, loan agreements, lease agreements, and lien releases. Notably, individuals seeking a vehicular transfer between parties must attach a duly accomplished Form RUT-50, attainable through the 24-hour Forms Order Line at 1-800-356-6302.

  3. Monetary Settlement: The prescribed fee for the transaction must be remitted, exclusively by means of a check or money order. The fee quantum is contingent upon the nature of the transaction pursued. For instance, a title transaction incurs a fee of $150. It is incumbent upon the applicant to ensure that all requisite payments have been duly addressed. In cases necessitating tax payments, a distinct check or money order must be drawn in favor of the Illinois Department of Revenue.

  4. Submission to the Local Secretary of State Facility: The completed documentation can be submitted either in person or through the postal service. In the event of postal submission, the materials should be directed to the following address: Secretary of State, Vehicle Service Department, ERT Section, Room 629, 501 S. Second St., Springfield, IL 62756.