Form LIC 9095. Evaluation Of Teacher Qualifications

Form LIC 9095. Evaluation Of Teacher Qualifications

Form LIC 9095 is an evaluation form used to assess a teacher's qualifications. The main purpose of this form is to gather information about a teacher's education and experience, which can determine their eligibility for certain positions.

The form consists of five parts, including personal information, education/experience, qualifying postsecondary courses, qualifying experience, and other applicable education/courses. Important fields include the applicant's name, facility information, course and employment details.

It is important to fill out the form with accurate and complete information and attach necessary documents. Required data includes personal information, employment history, educational background, and course completion verification.

Parties involved in the form include the teacher, licensed center director, and LPA (Licensed Program Analyst). The completed form should be returned to the director of the licensed center, with one copy retained in the teacher's personnel file, and one copy provided to the teacher.

Examples of practice and use cases for this form include teacher job applications, promotions, transfers, and licensing/certification processes for educators.

Strengths of the form include its comprehensive nature and ability to provide a standardized evaluation process. Weaknesses may include potential biases in the evaluation process if not conducted fairly. Opportunities include identifying areas of improvement for teachers and using it as a basis for professional development plans. Threats may include misuse of the form by organizations or individuals with malicious intent.

An alternative form is the Common Application for Teacher Licensure and Certification (CATLC), which is used in some US states. The main difference between the two forms is that CATLC focuses more on licensing and certification, while LIC 9095 is used for general evaluations.

The LIC 9095 form can affect the future of participants by determining their eligibility for certain positions and opportunities for professional growth. It is typically stored in the teacher's personnel file at the licensed center.