Form ITD 3635. Application for Dealer Plate

Form ITD 3635. Application for Dealer Plate

Form ITD 3635 is used in Idaho by individuals or entities engaged in the business of buying, selling, or dealing in vehicles to apply for dealer plates. The main purpose of this form is to facilitate the application process for obtaining dealer plates, which allow dealers to operate and transport vehicles in the course of their business activities.

The form consists of sections where the applicant provides information about their dealership, including its name, address, contact details, and license number. It also requires details about the vehicles to be registered under the dealer plate, such as make, model, identification number, and ownership documentation.

When filling out the form, it is important for the applicant to accurately provide all required information about their dealership and the vehicles to be registered under the dealer plate. They should carefully review the instructions on the form, ensure compliance with licensing requirements, and include all necessary supporting documentation.

An example application scenario would be when a newly established used car dealership in Idaho wants to obtain dealer plates to legally operate and transport vehicles for sale. By completing this form, providing the necessary information and documentation, and submitting it to the appropriate authority along with the applicable fees, they can apply for and obtain dealer plates.

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