DD Form 2217. Biological Audiometer Calibration Check

DD Form 2217. Biological Audiometer Calibration Check

DD Form 2217 - Biological Audiometer Calibration Check is employed to verify the accuracy of audiometer equipment used for hearing tests in the Department of Defense.

The form includes sections for audiometer identification, calibration check results, and details of the calibration equipment used. It also provides spaces for the technician's signature and remarks.

When filling out DD Form 2217, precise and accurate calibration data must be recorded. Any deviations from the expected calibration values should be noted, and the technician performing the check must sign the form. Proper identification of the audiometer and calibration equipment is vital.

Application Example: Before conducting a series of hearing tests on military personnel, the audiometer's calibration must be verified using DD Form 2217. This ensures the accuracy of the test results and maintains the quality of the testing equipment.

No additional documents are typically required when completing DD Form 2217. There are no direct alternatives within the Department of Defense for this specific purpose of verifying audiometer calibration.